Let’s Get this Party Started!

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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to open my practice to the public. I mean, most people my age are talking about what they will do for retirement, and here I am, starting TWO new businesses. That’s right, one wasn’t enough. Once I created the SEEDS Protocol, it was just natural for me to create handmade, chemical free, household and personal care products. I mean, what better way to remove the chemicals and replace them with products I can trust. (You’ll be able to check them out at KatsCreations.net once my website is complete!)

Let’s Get this Party Started!

My passion in life is to bring hope and transformation to those inflicted with an autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. For those of you suffering with a chronic disease, that may sound a bit crazy. How can you have hope when you’ve been diagnosed with an incurable disease? Well, that’s just it, without hope, we’re doomed…depressed…basically – hopeless. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s starts with our own attitudes. Do we want to fight? Or do we want to lay down and accept our fate? I say let’s FIGHT! And transformation, you may ask, how that is possible. Well, I say it’s necessary. When we are riddled with an autoimmune condition, or two, or three…we need to transform our thoughts, actions, diets, and lifestyles in order to achieve the most abundant health possible in our conditions. True transformation is when it becomes “just the way you live.” You are no longer tempted by things of the past, your lifestyle has changed, you’re managing stress, you’ve removed as many chemicals from your environment as possible, you’re remembering how important self-care is and your making sure to get the movement you need everyday, you’ve figured out which foods nourish your body to it’s optimal potential, and which ones drain your energy, and you’ve learned how to relax and get enough rest. You’ve learned how you have to make “you” a priority. That’s what transformation feels like. It’s no longer a struggle. I tell my clients that they will know when they’ve transformed when they no longer have to “think” about the SEEDS protocol, because they are living it.

It’s a crazy, crazy journey, so let’s get this party started!!!

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