“What’s out of the bag?” you may ask…

It’s no longer a secret that you can find healing by changing a few health and lifestyle habits.  To name a few:  Habits, like…

  • The kind of food you eat to fuel and nourish your body – are you eating “real” food?
  • What kind of products do you put on your face and your body, what kind of products are you using to clean your house, to kill weeds, to cook or bake with?
  • Are you making sure to get enough movement into your busy day, are you strengthening your muscles, are you making sure to get your heart pumping?
  • What are you doing to reduce or control stress?
  • Are you winding down early enough at night to make sure you will get an adequate nights rest for your body to be able to re-build and rejuvenate?
  • Are you making yourself a priority in your self care, are you grounding?

It takes 100% commitment, dedication, and strength to change habits from the past.

Whether I’m talking about Finding Your Strength, Mindfulness, Kicking the Sugar Habit, Chemical Overload, or How to incorporate Essential Oils, I am always stressing the importance of following the SEEDS Protocol.

When it comes to taking back control of your health and figuring out how to achieve the most abundant health possible, it is multi-faceted. I don’t believe there is one pill, one diet, or just one thing to change when you are dealing with an incurable autoimmune disease.

Whether I’m speaking, doing a presentation, entertaining, or coaching, I’m dedicated to offering you education, encouragement, hope, and – as a coach, accountability as you take your courageous steps to overcoming the perils of your disease.

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  • Kat brings a plethora of information about AIP having lived it and researched it. I could have listened to her and learned about food and how it affects our bodies for days.

    Loretta W., MI
  • "Kat Burtney's presentation about clean eating is so helpful and informative. This presentation really opened up my eyes about being aware of what I eat and what I put in my body. She went over what types of foods to avoid and which ones to eat, that will help you feel very healthy and just overall have a better quality of life. I highly recommend this program."

    Ellen S.
  • "When I saw the presentation by Kat, it really opened my eyes to the relationship between food, diet, and my health. I didn't realize all the toxic stuff I was putting into my body and my family's. I knew I needed to make a change and fast! I was so thankful I was able to attend the presentation because I found it extremely educational and I liked how Kat was able to tell her own story and how the AIP diet changed her life."

    Lesley U
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