Ah, healing!

I’m sure this is the reason you’re even on my website. You’re looking for answers. You’re looking to feel better. You’re looking to take back control of your life.

To “heal” takes time and patience. Since I’m focusing mainly on those of us with an incurable autoimmune condition, complete healing, may not be a possibility. What I’m hoping to help people understand, is that there is so much you CAN do to improve your situation, like reducing symptoms, putting your condition into remission, increasing your energy, improve the quality of your sleep.

God created our bodies in the most miraculous way. I realize this more and more as I heal. Most of us have been abusing our bodies for years! By abuse I mean; eating processed foods, allowing stress to consume us, running on empty, not caring for our bodies in the way they need, not exercising them and strengthening them, polluting our environment. The list could go on and on. We have gotten so far away from nature and natural things, it’s no wonder we’re walking around like a complete mess, engulfed in toxicity.

Tremendous healing can result just by healing the gut. Going back to nature, eating “real” whole foods – recognizing which foods you have a sensitivity to and stopping those damaging foods, exercising, making sleep a priority, taking measures to control stress, and conscientiously removing environmental toxins, chemicals and contaminants from our environment can and will have a huge impact on our overall health.

By following the SEEDS protocol, you will learn how to address all these issues, attacking them one by one, until you’re living clean and healthy.

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